Enterprise Risk Management: Beyond the Brakes

The Essence of ERM

From the outset, the core value of Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) has been its ability to empower companies to embrace upside risks confidently, aiming for corporate goals and innovation. Often compared to an automobile’s braking system, ERM provides the necessary control mechanisms to manage downside risks—such as losses, waste, and underperformance—thereby giving organizations the confidence to accelerate towards growth and innovation.

Research Insights

Investigations into ERM practices reveal a mixed picture. While many ERM programs excel at applying the ‘brakes’—that is, creating a defensive posture against significant losses or obstacles to objectives—they often fall short in engaging the ‘accelerator.’ This imbalance not only hinders confident risk-taking needed for growth but can also detract from overall value.

The Missing Link

The core issue lies in the failure to integrate a risk perspective into decision-making processes. Many ERM initiatives act as robust ‘brakes,’ yet lack a meaningful connection to the ‘accelerator’ of growth and innovation, leading to missed opportunities and stifled potential.

Unleashing ERM’s Full Potential with Claridec

At Claridec, we envision a redefined role for ERM—one that seamlessly blends risk management with strategic decision-making. By incorporating ERM alongside the methods and tools showcased on our platform, we aim to unlock its full potential, transforming ERM from a protective measure into a catalyst for value creation and innovation.

The main benefit of integrating risk management and decision analysis is that these disciplines are incomplete without each other.

Andrew Thrift, Manager, Business and Resource Planning, Teck Resources, Canada

How to skill up

Upskilling Program

Enterprise risk management (ERM) stands as a pivotal component in our upskilling programs, offering a comprehensive view of its scope and its synergies with decision-centric methodologies. This critical insight is brought to life through our interactive group training sessions, conducted via video conference, and is deeply reinforced by practical application, ensuring a profound understanding and integration of ERM principles into your strategic processes.


We partner closely with organizations to pinpoint critical improvement areas, crafting a bespoke program to meet those specific needs. Connect with us to explore how we can elevate your decision-making process together.

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