Decision Quality

At Claridec, we champion a decision quality assessment approach that draws inspiration from a pioneering model developed at Stanford University. This model, with over five decades of application across large, capital-intensive organizations, forms the backbone of our methodology. However, Claridec goes a step further. We’ve refined and expanded on the original Stanford framework to offer a flexible, comprehensive strategy tailored to the unique needs and environments of modern organizations.

Crafting the Context: The Art of Framing

Framing is more than setting the stage; it sets the context for the decision. A decision frame defines an overview of the set of considerations that are relevant for the decision to be taken and sheds light on which issues will require attention in the evaluation process.

Exploring Possibilities: Alternatives Unleashed

Why settle for the first option that comes to mind? We advocate for the generation of multiple doable, carefully curated alternatives. It’s about sparking creativity and discovering the realm of what’s truly possible.

Objective Insights: In-depth Evaluation

Dive deep into the heart of decision-making with our comprehensive analysis. We dissect relevant information, weigh uncertainties, and map out risks to present you with a clear, unbiased comparison of your options.

Balancing Acts: Values and Trade-offs

Every choice has its scales. We help you navigate the complex interplay of values and trade-offs, empowering you to select the option that aligns best with your strategic goals.

Engaging Stakeholders: Building Bridges

Decisions ripple outwards. We prioritize the proactive engagement of stakeholders, ensuring that those affected by decisions are part of the conversation, fostering broader acceptance and support.

Commitment to Action: Readiness and Implementation

True readiness goes beyond decision. It involves preparing both decision-makers and implementers, ensuring a seamless transition from strategy to action with unwavering commitment.

How to skill up

Virtual Learning Bite

Elevate your decision-making prowess with our engaging, two-hour virtual learning bite, ‘Decision Making and Decision Quality’. This immersive experience is designed to boost your awareness and understanding of key principles, setting you on the path to mastering the art of high-quality decisions.

Upskilling Program

Dive deep into the realm of Decision Quality with our comprehensive Upskilling Program. Experience transformative learning through interactive Group Training Sessions and practical Apply-at-Work assignments. It’s this dynamic blend that ensures a profound internalization of concepts and tools, equipping you with the skills to make impactful decisions.


We partner closely with organizations to pinpoint critical improvement areas, crafting a bespoke program to meet those specific needs. Connect with us to explore how we can elevate your decision-making process together.

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