Perspectives from a client

Claridec delivered an upskilling program on decision framing, decision quality and risk quantification to a cohort of decision support and risk management staff at Teck Resources. The program was delivered across three months and included ‘virtual learning bites’ (online self-study), weekly group training sessions by video conference and on-the-job coaching when applying the concepts in practice.

Could you describe the relationship between Risk Management and Decision Analysis?

What attracted you to the pilot upskilling program?

What are your thoughts on traditional classroom based training approaches?

Can you comment on the value of working with an in-company cohort?

What was important to you in this upskilling program?

Can you comment on the value of the full three pronged learning model?

Would you adopt this three pronged learning model going forward?

Have you seen evidence of people applying the techniques in practice?

How did the customization of the program contribute to its effectiveness?


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