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Elevate Your Organization’s Decision-Making

In an era where the landscape of decision-making is constantly evolving, understanding the maturity of your organization’s decision capabilities has never been more critical. The post-COVID world, cultural shifts, and the introduction of generative AI are reshaping the way decisions are made within organizations. Is your organization equipped to navigate this new terrain?

A Novel Framework for Today’s Decisions

Inspired by foundational work from Stanford University, our Decision Capabilities Benchmarking Model offers a contemporary framework designed to evaluate and enhance your organization’s decision-making processes. This model has been rigorously tested and updated to meet the demands of today’s decision quality professionals.

Beyond Traditional Approaches

Our model extends beyond traditional decision-making frameworks, incorporating the latest in behavioural decision science and practical insights from our advisory experience. It examines critical decision factors such as dialogue, quantification, and stakeholder engagement, providing a multidimensional approach that is as practical as it is insightful.

Gaps and Opportunities

Through our benchmarking model, organizations can gain clarity on:

  • Balancing risk management with bias awareness.
  • Aligning internal decision-making with external stakeholder engagement.
  • Supporting collaborative efforts with robust governance structures.
  • Enhancing organizational learning and systematically applying lessons to improve decision quality.
  • Integrating dialogue and data to refine risk management practices.

Collaborative Benchmarking for Robust Insights

We’re embarking on a collaborative benchmarking initiative to refine and enhance the utility of our model. By engaging with us, your organization can contribute to and benefit from a comprehensive analysis that promises to elevate decision-making across the board.

Why Engage with Our Benchmarking Model?

  • Understand Organizational Gaps: Identify where your decision-making processes might be falling short and what it means for your organization.
  • Practical Applications: Discover how to apply insights from the model to drive tangible improvements in decision quality and organizational performance.

Ready to Transform Your Organization’s Decision-Making?

Join us in this benchmarking journey and take the first step towards understanding and enhancing your organization’s decision capabilities. Your insights and engagement can help drive a new standard of decision quality that is not only relevant but vital in today’s ever-changing business landscape.

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We partner closely with organizations to pinpoint critical improvement areas, crafting a bespoke program to meet those specific needs. Connect with us to explore how we can elevate your decision-making process together.

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