Achieving clarity

Improving decision making in an uncertain world



When faced with important decisions, many organizations struggle to arrive at sufficient clarity to proceed with confidence. They can improve their performance by implementing a structured decision making approach. This will reduce the fuzziness caused by uncertainties and risks. This will also address the biases that are inherent in decision-making.

Claridec can help organizations build the capability to achieve such clarity through proven and highly effective virtual Upskilling Programs using video conferencing, online learning modules and remote on-the-job coaching.

Our Scope

When seeking more clarity in decision making, a number of areas need attention. First, the decision governance structure, leadership, integration and decision clarity principles require consideration. Second, there is a range of tools that can help analyzing and clarifying issues that pertain to important decisions. Of course, selection of the appropriate tools primarily depends on the type of decisions and issues in play. Some tools are referred to below.

Decision Quality

How can you measure the robustness of your decisions?

Probabilistic Investment Analysis

How do you effectively incorporate risk in cash flow analyses for investment decisions?

Scenario Planning for Decision Making

How can you develop a much better understanding of the future business environment with all its uncertainties and risks?


We usually work with organizations to identify their most pressing areas for improvement and tailor a program around such needs. Please get in touch to discuss.