Scenario Planning

Scenario Planning provides a way to holistically consider the risks in the external environment of an organization and their interrelationships. The methodology considers the key driving forces that are assumed to shape the future contextual environment. By combining possible outcomes of such developments in a logical and coherent way, a small set of distinctly different narratives are constructed that each represent an alternate image of the future. This process promotes a better understanding of the contextual environment and assists decision-makers in enhancing their perceptions of future developments in the political, economic, social, regulatory and technological landscape in which they will be operating.

How to skill up

Virtual Learning Bite

Develop your understanding to awareness level by going through the virtual learning bite ‘Scenario Planning Primer’ in about two hours.

Online Course

Get to knowledge level understanding of scenario planning for decision making by doing an online course. This takes about 10 hours.

Upskilling Program Scenario Planning

By joining a full Upskilling Program on Scenario Planning you can develop your knowledge to skill level. Across a period of two months you attend weekly group training sessions, further develop your understanding through self study and assignments and finally, in a group of 3-5 participants, develop your own set of scenarios that are relevant to your organization.


We usually work with organizations to identify their most pressing areas for improvement and tailor a program around such needs. Please get in touch to discuss.