Competence Development

When it comes to topics such as decision quality, risk management and various evaluation techniques, an organization may want to consider different competency levels for its staff, depending on the role and degree of involvement.

It is useful to distinguish:

  • Awareness: broadly familiar with subject matter and able to contribute.
  • Knowledge: fully familiar and able to conduct tasks with help and guidance.
  • Skill: fully familiar and able to conduct tasks and analyses independently.
  • Mastery: go to person and able to teach, implement and devise new approaches.

With Claridecs flexible delivery model it is perfectly possible to efficiently address all levels of competence – as required. For example, awareness level can be achieved by means of virtual learning bites whereas Upskilling Programs are the basis for knowledge and skill.


We usually work with organizations to identify their most pressing areas for improvement and tailor a program around such needs. Please get in touch to discuss.