Masterclass in
Decision Clarity

Better and faster decision making in uncertain times

Decision making is complex. In a fast changing and uncertain world, it is a challenge to consistently make the best choices in a timely and efficient way.

How common decision challenges impair performance

Many decision challenges exist in organisations due to cognitive biases coupled with a fuzziness of an uncertain and risky future. Layered on top of this, stakeholder issues and unstructured decision- making processes often result in project delays, information overload and wasted resources due to perpetually rethinking decisions.

Would you like to:

  • Be part of an organisation that is objective and free from undue influences in decisions?
  • Have a clear process to align stakeholders?
  • Be able to quantify the uncertainty and risks of the decision at hand?
  • Give decision makers the clarity they require to decide with confidence?

If so, we invite you to enroll in the Decision Clarity Masterclass program to:

  • Get a practical grounding in advanced concepts in decision clarity
  • Learn to use simple yet powerful tools to structure important decisions
  • Discover proven strategies to embed decision clarity in your company’s DNA

Learn what it takes to make better decisions

In this two half-day Masterclass program you will be introduced to advanced techniques that leading organizations use to achieve optimal clarity for effective decision making.

We will cover following topics:


Why great performing companies embrace Decision Clarity techniques
Understand the What, Why, and How behind
the Decision
Clarity approach embraced by leading companies.


How to mitigate unconscious biases
Find out about
the most common cognitive biases, how they influence decisions and simple ways to
mitigate them.


A simple approach to improve decision outcomes
Learn how to look before you leap to avoid the most common errors that cause poor
decision making.


How to eliminate the hidden bias that undermines most decision making
Discover the common misconception about what makes a decision good and a tool to make a vast improvement in the quality of your decisions.


How to embed Decision Clarity into an organisation’s DNA
Appreciate the critical success factors for enhancing decision practices, skills and culture and how to apply them in your organisation.

I had many ‘aha moments’ in the course. The simple decision framework that emphasised the importance to lay out ‘What, Why, and How’ of a decision gave me confident insights on what is vital for solid decision making and what is required in a decision making process.

Shafinah Shamsher

Senior Energy Analyst & Petroleum Economist Dubai

that sticks

The Masterclass uses an adult learning model with three education components that maximize learning and retention:



‘Virtual Learning Bite’ to quickly introduce you to ‘Decision Clarity’.

You go through the interactive, online materials at a time and pace that is convenient for you. This online module includes assignments that enable you to quickly absorb the key concepts.


Group training

to show you how to quickly apply ‘Decision Clarity’ tools.

Through the video conference sessions, we’ll take you deeper into the concepts introduced in the
Virtual Learning Bite. The emphasis is on hands-on exercises, peer discussions and sharing of real-world examples.



project to build your ‘Decision Clarity’ skills.

When people practice-by-doing, retention rate skyrockets from 25% to 75%. This is why we give you the option of doing an ‘Application-in-Practice’ project immediately after the group training, with personal coaching to give you guidance and tailored advice. This application-in-practice is an optional component that you can arrange with us separately.


Program Fee

For $1,000 you get:

  • One Virtual Learning Bite ‘Decision Clarity’
  • Two half day video sessions of four hours.
  • Three private coaching sessions to support you to boost your skill through an optional ‘Application-in-Practice’ project

Money-Back Guarantee

We offer a money-back guarantee, if you aren’t satisfied after fully participating in the program.

Program Dates

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Maximum 16 people per program.

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