Masterclass in
Decision Clarity

Better and faster decision making in uncertain times

Decision making is complex. In a fast changing and uncertain world, it is a challenge to consistently make the best choices in a timely and efficient way.

How common decision challenges impair performance

Many decision challenges exist in organisations due to cognitive biases coupled with a fuzziness of an uncertain and risky future. Layered on top of this, stakeholder issues and unstructured decision- making processes often result in project delays, information overload and wasted resources due to perpetually rethinking decisions.

Would you like to:

  • Be part of an organisation that is objective and free from undue influences in decisions?
  • Have a clear process to align stakeholders?
  • Be able to quantify the uncertainty and risks of the decision at hand?
  • Give decision makers the clarity they require to decide with confidence?

If so, we invite you to enroll in the Decision Clarity Masterclass program to:

  • Get a practical grounding in advanced concepts in decision clarity
  • Learn to use simple yet powerful tools to structure important decisions
  • Discover proven strategies to embed decision clarity in your company’s DNA


Program Fee

For USD 1,000 you get:

  • One Virtual Learning Bite ‘Decision Clarity’
  • Two half day video sessions of four hours.
  • A private coaching session to support you to boost your skill through an optional ‘Application-in-Practice’ project

Money-Back Guarantee

We offer a money-back guarantee, if you aren’t satisfied after fully participating in the program.

Program Dates

Visit for a listing of upcoming program dates.

Maximum 16 people per program.

Reserve Your Spot

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(Before taking your money, we want to ensure that the program is a good fit for you!)