Virtual Learning Bites

For the end of 2021 we offer four virtual learning bites to choose from:

  • Decision Clarity: the why, what and how of decision making.
  • Italian flag: assessing the probability of a future event.
  • Range assessment: judgmentally assessing the range of a variable.
  • Scenario planning primer: understanding risk in the future business environment.

A virtual learning bite is an online module coupled to a personal coaching session with one of our experts.

The online module takes about two hours to go through. Each bite covers a technique or concept that can be absorbed on its own. It includes a video, texts, a quiz and two assignments. The participant learns a tool and is then able to start applying it in business practice. A ‘bite’ thus has standalone value.

The combination with a 45 min personal coaching session makes it especially powerful. Any questions? How to apply the approach in practice? Where to start? Let’s discuss one of your business examples!

Download a pdf with more details.

End of Year Price for a virtual learning bite: USD 135, which is one third off the regular price (USD 200). This offer expires by Jan 1, 2022. You can take your time to complete the bite by March 1st.

This includes:

  • Access to the online virtual module for two months
  • A pdf transcript of the content
  • Feedback on the assignments
  • A 45 min coaching session following completion of the online module

After you have signed up you will get access to the learning bite until March 1st. You can choose a date and time to schedule the linked coaching session.

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    The assignments and quiz (hands-on learning) really helped me see how these concepts were applicable.

    I particularly enjoyed the lesson bite and the example of the restaurant.

    Material was well presented in short form. Easy to digest. The small exercise was valuable in crystallizing my thinking.

    A good overview of framing decision making, use of strategy table. Course data gathered from various reliable sources.

    I appreciate the structured approach. Too often the act of skipping steps is repeated across all the organizations I have worked for. It’s great that this course allowed detailed discussion and thought for each step of decision making.

    Learning the sequential steps around decision making.

    Great, succinct but clear summaries of key information.

    Self-paced learning is always best.

    The generic premise in which the course material was presented, this allows multiple disciplines to absorb the information with a guiding bias.

    The information in this learning bite was at a level where an inexperienced individual can still find it useful.

    The easy to understand examples and worksheet help reinforce the key aspects.

    Learning new ways to screen project options towards making better decisions and gaining alignment on path forward and risk management strategies. It seems too early to judge the program at this stage.

    The exercise helped formalize what I do in my head but in a much more structured, deliberate way.

    It is using very simple examples to apply the framework .

    Without a doubt, the quality of the exhibitors, the material offered in the online classes, based on practical experience and with a high business focus.

    The videos and exercises create a good opportunity to think through the materials

    Good, concise overview of the field.

    How the information was broken down into manageable pieces making it easier to process.


    We usually work with organizations to identify their most pressing areas for improvement and tailor a program around such needs. Please get in touch to discuss.