The Team

Claridec, formed in 2019, is a partnership of consultancy and training companies in Europe and North America. Jointly they provide a broad spectrum of experience in decision analysis, risk management, economics and scenario planning including backgrounds at large multinational corporations.

Diana Del Bel Belluz

President and Founder of Risk Wise Inc., creator of the Mobilize for Growth program. She enables business leaders to systematically navigate the uncertainties and risks in their business environment in order to maximize the value their organizations create. Diana guides executive teams and boards to gain clarity and confidence about their choices by having effective conversations that enable them to appropriately weigh the complex and difficult risk issues that arise as they develop and pursue their strategic objectives.


Craig Mitchell

Craig Mitchell brings 20 years’ experience working in the oil and gas industry with companies including primarily Chevron and latterly Maersk Oil. This has given Craig a wealth of experience in facilitating, analysing, training on Decision Quality Principles and Economic support to companies. Although primarily focused on the oil and gas industry the principles and process are applicable to all industries and decision making.

Henk Krijnen

Henk Krijnen has completed a career of 35 years with Shell which took him to Indonesia, Thailand, the United States and the Netherlands. During his last five years in Shell’s corporate strategy department he played a pivotal role in establishing new approaches for risk and scenario analysis within the company. In 2015 he founded NavIncerta to develop online training.

In the season 2020-2021 Henk is a Distinguished Lecturer for the Society of Petroleum Engineers.


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